You can make this cocktail with any rum, but making it with the tea-infused rum just gives it that extra buttery maple flavour.

• 1.5 oz Buttered Maple Rum Oolong Tea Infused Rum
• Brewed Buttered Maple Rum Oolong Tea
• 2 oz French Vanilla Creamer
Pour the desired amount of the hot Buttered Maple Rum Oolong Tea into your glass, leaving room for the rum and creamer.
2. Add 1-1.5 oz of your infused rum (or other rum of choice) into your glass along with your French Vanilla Creamer.
3. Stir and enjoy! 
Directions for the Tea Infused Rum:
Add 3 tsp of Buttered Maple Rum Black Tea to 6 oz of white rum.
2. Steep for 12-24 hours.
3. Once steeped, strain and store into a Fusion Flask or other glass bottle (or jar).
If you want to make more tea-infused rum, you can change the amount, the ratio is 1:2. 1 tsp of tea per 2 oz of rum.
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