Fundraising has never been so delicious!
Raise money for your organization by selling the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world - TEA!
Sipology products are consumable and affordable – and easy to sell and use because they are health-conscious products that fit any lifestyle. They are also great for gifting!
To top it all off, quality is our top priority – we only use real, whole ingredients tested to the highest standards. 
Each item is only $15 (taxes may apply) and 40% of the sale goes to the organization, which means $6 is donated for each item sold!
How does the Sipology Fundraiser work? 
1. Complete the online Fundraiser Application with Jennifer, or you can complete the application yourself. This will be submitted to Sipology for approval. 
2. Once approved, a personalized fundraiser website will be provided for your organization, and we will review the program with you to make sure we’re ready to go. 
3. Just before the start date, we’ll have a Seller Assembly where we can talk about the products and provide tips on selling them. 
4. Then it’s time to sell, sell, sell! Your personalized fundraiser website will also be added to my website events page and promoted on all of my Quartz Tea Room social media to help bring awareness and increase sales.
5. Once the closing date passes, I will contact you with the final totals raised and your profits. I will also confirm shipping if orders are shipping to a single location. 
6. The order delivery will be approximately two weeks from the close date if shipping to a single location. If direct shipping is selected - orders ship after the customer orders! If shipping to a single location, I will make an appointment with the chairpersons and volunteers to sort and put orders together.

Our current fundraising items include Earl Grey de la Creme Black Tea, Raspberry Cream Soda Fruit Tea, Cinnamon Bun Rooibos Tea, Caramel Apple Crisp Green Tea, Unicorn Kisses Magical Fruit Tea, Bubbly Cherry Bomb Bubble Tea, Naturally Sweet Peach Black Tea, Real Deal Hot Chocolate, Steeping Sacks, 1 Cup of Steeped Tea Spoon, Perfect Cup Infuser, and Stroons.

Share Sipology’s incredible products and help your organization raise funds for your important cause.
Whether it’s for a school trip, team jerseys, charitable work, or funds for animal care, at Sipology we want to help you achieve your fundraising goals. Fundraising with Sipology is fun and easy with our online ordering program. Not only competitive with other programs, but we also offer a unique product that will excite your supporters.
*40% of proceeds before tax are donated to the approved organization.
Contact Jennifer to start fundraising today!
How long should our Fundraiser last? 
A typical fundraiser will last two weeks. This gives the sellers enough time to share the Sipology fundraiser catalog but reduces your customers’ thoughts of “ordering later”. It’s also important that your customers don’t wait too long to receive their products. 
How many products are available?
There are eight delicious flavors from Sipology’s top-selling product lines — and four pieces of teaware that pair perfectly with our teas. We offer a variety of products and flavors for your supporters while keeping it as simple as possible for your sellers. 
How will fundraising orders be shipped?
As a fundraising organization, you have two options for shipping:
Option 1: Individually ship every order to your shoppers’ addresses. There is a standard $3 shipping fee at to each order at checkout. This is the easiest option for the organization - no need to contact anyone or deliver orders!
Option 2: All orders will be shipped to a single location, at no cost. We will provide the order owners, and it will be the fundraising organization’s responsibility to distribute the orders.
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