Seasonal Self-care Wellness Boxes
Celebrate the coming of each season with a specially curated seasonal wellness box, designed to give yourself love and care as the seasons change. 
Each box is curated with special surprise items to help get you through each season, but will always include: a seasonal reiki-infused crystal, a bag of loose-leaf tea, an intuitive message card picked out specifically for you, a small handmade pottery item, a sweet or savory snack, and other items to support your self-care and welcome you into the changes that come with each new season.
Purchase just one season's box, or subscribe to all 4 and receive to discount for committing to yourself for all the seasons! Shipping is included. Currently available in Canada and USA. Shipping is an additional cost for USA orders.
4 Seasonal Boxes: Autumn Equinox (September), Winter Solstice (December), Spring Equinox (March) & Summer Solstice (June)
Matcha Fan Club
Whether you are a matcha rookie or a long-time lover of green, our subscription program ensures you never run out of the good stuff. 
You receive 5 bags of matcha every 3 months and you get to choose your collection from 5 options. Change your collection or cancel at any time. This is the perfect way to try new matcha flavours and find your favourite!
Shipping is free and you also receive a 6th free mystery matcha flavour! Start shopping matcha today or contact Jennifer for your matcha consultation.
Vitamin Booster Subscription
Save on shipping and have your essential nutritional boosters delivered right to your door every 3 months!
The Sipology Heal-Thy Self Boosters provide nutrition and function from natural sources. Find your daily balance with vitamin & mineral support from real fruits and vegetables in an easy-to-use powder that's easy for your body to absorb and digest. 
The subscription bags are also great for taking your boosters with you when traveling! Shop your booster subscriptions here or contact Jennifer for your private consultation to help decide what options are best for you.
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