Pouring iced tea into glitter cups on a wooden table

Iced tea is perfect for the patio!

• 3 tbsp of English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea
• 1 cup of hot water (90ºc)
• 6 cups of cold water
• 2 cups of ice
• 3 tbsp sugar 
• 1 tbsp lemon juice
In a small teapot brew the tea in 1-2 cups of hot water for 3 minutes. 
2. While the tea brews, in a large pitcher combine lemon juice and sugar.
3. Once the tea has been brewed, remove the tea leaves and add your brewed tea to the pitcher with the lemon and sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. 
4. Add your ice and cold water to fill up your pitcher! It should make about 2L of tasty iced tea. Our Perfect Tea Pitcher works great for making this tea. 
You can change the type of sugar to your own preference, or use a sugar alternative. You can also switch up what kind of tea you use to get different flavours! For example, I love using the Marrachino Cherry Black Tea to get a lovely sweet cherry-flavoured iced tea. You can also use green tea with honey for the sugar to create a honey iced tea which is quite delightful. 
Be sure if you are using different types of tea that you follow the brewing temperatures and times for that tea so you don't burn it or get a bitter flavour. 
Fun Fact:
The average serving of bottled iced tea has 43g of sugar, whereas this recipe has 9g of sugar or less per serving depending on how much water to sugar you add. Following the recipe, there is only 37.5g of sugar in the ENTIRE pitcher of tea. So not only does this have a lot less sugar than something like Nestea, but it also has all the great health benefits you can get from loose leaf tea! 
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